The Control Panel of the Chairperson

About the Chairperson

In general the Chairperson of a newConference meeting has more tools to control a conference call than the participants. With newConference Direct this is not the case; the Chairperson and the participants can use the same features.

Features after logging in

You can login in with your (registered) phone number and you personal pin code. Than you gain access to the following features:

  • An address book where you can add people that join your conferences regularly. This is convenient for two reasons:
     a) in the control panel the name of the participant will be shown instead of his/her phone number
     b) when you are using Dial-Out you can call your contact directly from your address book and place them in your conference call
  • Find back conference calls of the past and all the details like who where the participants and what was the duration
  • Download recorded conference calls. More information about recording

Login as Chairperson